Blended Learning

By strategically mixing in-person and digitally enhanced learning, we make instruction Meaningful, Memorable and Motivational.

Blended Learning mixes independently controlled online learning (AKA asynchronous learning) with traditional, in-person learning (ILT) to create an integrated learning experience. At Allen Interactions, we strategically mix in-person and digitally enhanced learning to make instruction Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational.

The online learning segment is focused on providing interactive and even customizable learning methods and experiences that are student-controlled and manipulated. The student has primary freedom to choose where, when, and how they work through the required coursework and assignments. There may also be different learning paths from which to choose, all of which help the student arrive at the same goal – a learning experience that coincides with the in-person learning segment and prepares them for the ultimate goal for the course.

The in-person learning segment harnesses the discipline and focus of classroom-style learning with a teacher imparting information and independent learning exercises. Some elements from the online learning segment are reviewed, shared, challenged, or built-upon to tie together both elements of the total learning experience. In a sense, online learning prepares individuals for the challenges of the in-person learning experience.

Blended learning allows for use of technology and independent study that helps the learner get prepared for in-person learning challenges. One segment builds upon the other so that multiple learning techniques are utilized for instruction and diversified blended learning solutions.

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