Impactful Customer Service Training


63% Increase in Overall Destination Knowledge
56% Increase in Knowledge in Hotels/Attractions
42% Increase in Ability to Answer Customer Questions
42% Increase of Destination Layout Knowledge
An Interactive e-Learning Course With Measurable Impact

Customer Service Training

Expedia Group is an American online travel shopping company for consumer and small business travel.

Expedia needed to improve customer service skills for its call center agents that could provide them measurable performance in areas of customer service and destination knowledge.

The need required an e-learning design and course interface with engaging scenarios and situations for learning about specific travel destinations that could be replicated. For example: When a call center agent went through the e-learning for a specific destination like New York City, they would open the e-learning course and realize it functions similar to other destinations.


Regarding users and implementation results, agents expressed eagerness for more destination sales and customer service training. Not only did the agents feel better prepared to engage with customers on the phone, customer satisfaction increased exponentially, as did sales conversion.

The results are staggering with large increases in destination sales knowledge and customer service.

  • 63% increase in overall knowledge 

  • 56% improvement in knowledge of hotels and attractions 

  • 42% increase in ability to answer customer’s questions

  • 49% increase in knowledge of destination layout 




Expedia - Call Center Training


Solution Highlights

Each interaction incorporated visual reinforcement, using maps, photographs, people’s expressions, postcards, and icons. Intrinsic feedback was also used in the form of callers’ changing expressions, postcards from disgruntled customers, and trip reports from happy customers. 

Benefits of this e-learning experience include:

  • interactive and experiential scenarios that allow agents to explore and practice needed behaviors to realize their value
  • 15-30 minute learning nuggets that fit with their schedules
  • reached the geographically widespread group of call center agents quicky and efficiently
  • easy to update with new content to reduce cost and increase efficiency
LEARNING SOLUTION New York City Destination e-Learning  
INDUSTRY Travel & Hospitality   
PRACTICE AREA Customer Service Soft Skills  
TARGET AUDIENCE Call Center Agents  

International Davey Award


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