To enhance the human mind and spirit through Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational learning and performance experiences.




Success comes from doing the right thing at the right time. By creating fascinating performance-enhancing solutions, we strive to help every business realize its full potential.




We inspire and encourage each other, adapting and growing together and individually. Our greatest rewards come from helping people and organizations reach success.

Everything we do is focused on optimizing your performance together. This is what we live for.

We’re a diverse team of caring, creative, fun, behavior-science professionals. We want nothing more than to share our talents and work together harmoniously and enthusiastically to help businesses and their people reach their full potential.

We enthusiastically share our knowledge and experience about learning and performance and round them out with creative, technical, and design skills to create programs for impressive successes—successes that matter to all stakeholders.

For nearly three decades, our mission has driven us to partner and improve as many forward-thinking businesses as possible. Why? 


Because our passion is resolving performance problems from fuzzy to clearly defined and understood. Because we know that our learning and technology expertise, behavior-science roots, and creativity make a difference. And at the end of the day, improving business performance in any possible and measurable way, fulfills us, brings us pure delight, and reinforces our mission and vision.

And as part of reinforcing our mission and vision, Problem Solutions became part of our Allen Interactions family in 2019. Their 16-year track record in creating digital engineering solutions for major organizations really adds icing to our ‘performance cake’ and ability to deliver human performance efficiency.

  • Meaningful
  • Memorable
  • Motivational
  • Measurable Gains

This is what I really want!

It has to be relevant to resonate. 

Everyone wants to perform to the best of their ability. But sometimes the skills aren’t there, the right tools aren’t available, or the systems are overly complicated. Starting with detailed analysis, our learning and systems engineering experts design and build solutions that are accessible, delightful and work for everyone.

I've truly got this now!

Learn for good. 

We engineer support systems and tools that make work more efficient—wherever and whenever possible. Drawing on in-depth knowledge of learning, user interface, and smart systems, we employ proven techniques to make proficient skill learning an everyday thing. Rather than just train for post test scores; we sew the seeds for sustainable performance excellence.

I'm going to amaze everyone!

Innovation powers motivation. 

Everyone wants to perform well, but measurable improvement boils down to what each individual can accomplish. To be sure, training for knowledge and skills is critical. But our clients’ most impressive results come from building performance confidence, enthusiasm, and the motivation to succeed, coupled with engineering that empowers bigger breakthroughs with less effort.

Change that makes an impact!

Exact change. 

Even the best training and systems won’t move the needle unless they’re meaningful. For example, if performers can’t remember how to do their tasks proficiently or if they aren’t motivated to perform their best, you won’t get the measurable gains you’re looking for. But as the quality of each “M”—Meaningful, Memorable and Motivational—increases, the total performance improvement initiative rises, and the gains become markedly measurable.

"Memorable and Motivational learning experiences–combined with digital engineering expertise–allows us to help forward-thinking brands pinpoint and conquer performance barriers to reach their full potential.”

- Dr. Michael Allen, Founder & CEO

Optimizing Performance. Together.

  • We conquer challenges to optimize business performance across three areas.
  • Our journey together is built around:
    • Performance Outcomes
    • Human-centered Design
    • Agile Activation
    • Continuous Optimization
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