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"When it's time to perform, it's too late to practice." - Dr. Michael Allen 

In life, almost every game we play, we play for fun, knowing that to win you have to apply the knowledge and skills you have and continue improving to stay competitive.

Our performance learning experience designs adapt to your employees’ current skill levels and move them toward higher levels of competency. Sound like a game-playing experience? Absolutely! Learning is fun when designed well.

With our behavioral science and educational psychology roots, we’ve defined unique methods of instructional design and development to provide Meaningful, Motivational, and Memorable learning experiences that produce Measurable Gains. Our advanced design and development approaches, including CCAF-based design and the SAM process, are what fuels business, people and performance optimization.

Science-backed, human-centered frameworks 


The SAM Process

The SAM Process

Developed by our CEO, Dr. Michael Allen, The Successive Approximation Model (SAM) is an iterative design process for developing performance-first learning experiences.




CCAF Design

CCAF Design

Rooted in educational psychology, CCAF Design focuses on the learner and their performance with four components that, together, create instructional interactivity for engaging, irresistible learning.  

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Learning Technology Services

Flash-Line@2x Legacy Flash Conversion
Using our proprietary tools for fast and efficient conversion of Flash into HTML5, we make your training responsive and mobile ready.  
Frameworks@2x Technology Frameworks
From UI to instructional models to data analytics libraries, we have powerful frameworks to accelerate your performance and productivity solutions.  
Localization-Line@2x Translation & Localization
We expertly manage language translation and localization to adapt your learning content to your specific target audiences.  
xAPI, LMS & Portals Data Access & Storage: xAPI, LMS, Portals
As a co-founder of the Experience xAPI, we can help you manage housing and performance data communication.  

Together, we’ll optimize your performance with solutions that are:

  • Meaningful
  • Memorable
  • Motivational
  • Measurable

This is what I really want!

It has to be relevant to resonate.

Everyone wants to perform to the best of their ability. But sometimes the skills aren’t there, the right tools aren’t available, or the systems are overly complicated. Starting with detailed analysis, our learning and systems engineering experts design and build solutions that are accessible, delightful and work for everyone.

I've truly got this now!

Learn for good.
We engineer support systems and tools that make work more efficient—wherever and whenever possible. Drawing on in-depth knowledge of learning, user interface, and smart systems, we employ proven techniques to make proficient skill learning an everyday thing. Rather than just train for post test scores; we sew the seeds for sustainable performance excellence.

I'm going to amaze everyone!

Innovation powers motivation.
Everyone wants to perform well, but measurable improvement boils down to what each individual can accomplish. To be sure, training for knowledge and skills is critical. But our clients’ most impressive results come from building performance confidence, enthusiasm, and the motivation to succeed, coupled with engineering that empowers bigger breakthroughs with less effort.

Change that makes an impact!

Exact change.
Even the best training and systems won’t move the needle unless they’re meaningful. For example, if performers can’t remember how to do their tasks proficiently or if they aren’t motivated to perform their best, you won’t get the measurable gains you’re looking for. But as the quality of each “M”—Meaningful, Memorable and Motivational—increases, the total performance improvement initiative rises, and the gains become markedly measurable.
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To our client's success

Please enjoy this 60-second sizzle reel of our clients’ custom learning and technology solutions in action. Together, we optimized performance!

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