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What Sets Us Apart

SAM (Successive Approximation Model) is an agile development model which our studios have used for years to apply our instructional design model, that ensures learning, retention, and business impact are achieved for your organization. SAM addresses how success is made by making repeated small steps (iterations) rather than perfectly executed giant steps. This iterative approach continually seeks to move one step closer to the final product with each milestone.

Design & Development with Imagination & Collaboration

When using SAM, decisions are made collaboratively during the Savvy Start, with every member of the team – yours and ours – having a voice. SAM involves learners in testing early ideas, and then uses their feedback to shape the project's design. SAM allows you to validate the product before you've invested a significant portion of your time and budget. Within as little as three days, you can preview several rapid prototypes of your project's interactive activities – online – not just on storyboards.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed working with an Allen Interactions studio, it may be hard to imagine what it’s all about. Once you have, you’ll wonder why you ever tried anything else.


You can learn more about SAM (formerly called the SAVVY Process) in Michael Allen's books listed below. Free chapter downloads are available for each of Michael's books. 


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“It’s been frustrating the last few years as a course developer. Every out-of-the-box tool has limitations in terms of interactivity. Now with ZebraZapps all I have to do is apply a little bit of logic and my interactions are complex and meaningful! This tool is truly a revolution. No other e-learning development tool on the market can do what ZebraZapps can. I’m a believer!”

Lisa Pastoor, Instructional Designer, Barco, Inc.