Mary Kay Revolutionizes Onboarding

90% Engagement Level
80% Completion Rates
3.5 Learners (Millions)

Beauty Consultant Onboarding

Mary Kay, a large beauty multi-level marketing company, needed a way to train beauty consultants with a large variety of needs and perceptions of success. As the sixth-largest network marketing company in the world, Mary Kay had over 3.5 million independent beauty consultants in over 35 countries with a range of needs in a training program.

With a sizeable, already existing library of video assets, Mary Kay desired a mobile, microlearning-focused solution that used cutting-edge technology, imagery, and engagement techniques to keep their team of consultants at the top levels of market knowledge. Mary Kay wanted to increase the knowledge and skills of their consultants related to company culture, motivation and determination, product knowledge, sales and customer service skills, workflow (The Mary Kay Way), technology and tools, team building, and incentives.


Allen Interactions developed a treasured partnership with Mary Kay resulting in many projects and awards. Using a microlearning approach for a customer-driven product sales training, Mary Kay now has a truly personalized, self-paced and self-directed learning environment for onboarding their beauty sales consultants.

This learning solution increased the sense of community and collaboration, strengthening the bond between learning and managers, significantly decreasing training times, and increasing skill performance and retention.

  • 90% Engagement Level
  • 80% Completion Rates
  • 3.5 Million Learners (Beauty Consultants) 


Solution Highlights

  • Mobile Microlearning portal front-end to the corporate LMS
  • Lessons on products, customer service, sales, inventory, product application, networking, and building a business
  • Certification process with time limits before lesson reset
  • Comprehensive assessments with deep data tracking
  • Collaborative community and social networking-based introduction with learner profile and business plan creation
  • Results: 3.5 million learners; 90% engagement; 80% completion rates
LEARNING SOLUTION Beauty Consultant Onboarding  
INDUSTRY Multilevel Marketing/Retail Beauty  
PRACTICE AREA Sales & Business Management  
TARGET AUDIENCE Beauty Consultants  
DELIVERY MODALITY Desktop/Laptop, Mobile, Tablet  

HTML5 Framework (Ar5)


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