Adaptive Learning

We capitalize on the strengths of the digital platform to make each learning experience right for each learner.

Adaptive Learning seeks to deliver a totally customized learning experience by using technology to adapt the lesson and learning exercises to the individual learner. As each learner reveals their unique characteristics, the system uses adaptive methodologies to determine the best learning methods and instructional approaches. Some of the factors detected and evaluated by the technology include:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

  • Previous knowledge

  • Preconceptions

  • Content preferences

  • Demographics
  • Educational needs
  • Behaviors/responses
  • Response times
  • Correct responses
  • Incorrect responses

The adaptive learning algorithm uses preset guidelines (similar to an “if this – then go here” strategy) to shape the content and learning exercises. Some of the adaptive learning techniques utilized by our advanced system include the same methods a human instructor may use in one-on-one interactions with a student: verbal pathways, just-in-time feedback, extra content, guided reading, encouragement, differentiated learning pathways, and other directed learning strategies.

At Allen Interactions, we capitalize on the strengths of the digital platform, making each learning experience right for each individual. The various adaptivity factors from each learner will trigger unique responses, using adaptivity types that become more personalized as the system becomes more familiar with the learner.

This means that regardless of your employees’ backgrounds, education levels, experiences, or learning abilities/challenges, adaptive learning technology can provide a tailored learning experience for them that communicates and educates for understanding and implementation. Adaptive learning is the epitome of non-discriminatory employee education and can become one of your best corporate training programs.

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