Elements of the Learning Ecosystem Canvas

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Presented by Dr. Daniel McCoy, Michael Hruska, & Christopher Allen

A learning ecosystem is a place where people, systems, and resources are combined in a manner to support value creation around learning and performance.  No longer is the LMS enough! Many systems are involved to assist the development of knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies and transfer these into behaviors that impact KPIs and business outcomes. 

What is the Learning Ecosystem Canvas?

The Learning Ecosystem Canvas starts with your current world and adds the dream state. There are multiple ways to visually organize this and keep the canvas as a capture, planning, and vision tool simultaneously. The canvas is the key to dreaming and building your learning ecosystem.

We’ve built this canvas to help take organizational thinking and design abilities to a level that can build the robust learning ecosystems we’ve all dreamt about. These learning ecosystems will help companies build learning journeys with value that produce employee delight, positive business outcomes, and a competitive advantage through data-driven people development. 

In this webinar, you will...

  • Gain an understanding of how you can use the Learning Ecosystem Canvas to produce positive business outcomes
  • Hear real world examples of how the Learning Ecosystem Canvas has changed business landscapes 
  • Better visualize your context of learning ecosystems and navigate the future

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Meet Our Webinar Panelists

Michael Hruska | Strategic Innovation Coach and Learning Leader

Mike Hruska 1

Michael Hruska is a technologist and design thinking (DT) practitioner with experiences spanning across standards, emerging technologies, learning, and science. He is a former researcher at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Mike provides technology, business model and innovation solutions to Fortune 500, government and startups. He researches, strategizes, designs, and makes advanced technology solutions and products. His team has built award-winning products and delivered solutions that support millions of users and billions of hits of daily web traffic.  Michael’s experience spans the continuum between advanced research on adaptive learning ecosystems and emerging technology solution/product design in a variety of industries. 


Dr. Daniel McCoy | Strategic Learning Leader and Solutions Architect 

Dan McCoy

Daniel McCoy is an experienced Chief Learning Officer and strategic learning leader for industry, education, and Government sectors. Dr. McCoy is an admired presenter regarding electronic and distributed learning and has spent his career deploying learning as a key strategic asset to develop adaptive organizational cultures and talent strategies built on scalable, personalized, and embedded performance systems, distributed technologies, and just-in-time analytics. Dr. McCoy earned his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida and has held positions as a software developer, product designer, creative director, editorial supervisor, and executive producer for learning platforms developed for dental and medical education, professional development in early learning, mental health treatment, graduate and professional education, and college-level curriculum. 


Christopher Allen | Chief Strategy Officer


Christopher Allen’s primary roles focus on developing tools and technology that enable organizations to prioritize and prescribe the best treatments to achieve business outcomes. Christopher is a sought-after authoring technology, instructional design, and agile speaker and trainer with more than a decade of experience leading the development of cutting-edge digital products and services. He is passionate about creating shared vision among teams of stakeholders, sales professionals, engineering talent, quality assurance, and support.  Prior to Allen Interactions, he has held positions in sales management and as a magazine publisher. He received his master’s degree in Organizational Management from The George Washington University, is a SAM expert and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP).