Post-Traumatic Growth: Organizational Transformations

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The Post-Traumatic Growth: Organizational Transformations series explores the concepts of Mass Scale Crisis, Organizational Trauma, Resilience, Trauma Informed Communication, and Post-Traumatic Growth. We also explore individual life-long resilience journeys from preschool to post-graduate to career skills in three interactive webinars with our experts, Dr. Christina Coidakis-Barss and Steve Larsen. 

Meet Our Webinar Panelists

Dr. Christina Coidakis-Barss | HR, Learning, and Organizational Change Expert


Dr. Coidakis-Barss is an experienced executive, coach, professor, and researcher. Her sweet spot is building systems that support, engage and inspire cultures with measurable and sustained results. As a change management expert, she’s lead initiatives empowering employees to understand and adopt shifts in their current environment. Barss’s research studies have focused on how to standardize safety, quality and service in diverse teams. Her findings yielded insights how goals, location, communication and relationships impact team efficacy.


Steve Larsen | Senior Solutions Architect

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Steve Larsen is a seasoned professional with a broad sales leadership and consulting background. He has extensive experience in sales enablement, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, human resources, and learning, and development. Working for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, change management, adaptive learning, strong leadership, and problem solving led him to his current position at Allen Interactions.