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Custom eLearning Design

    Interactive eLearning Courses That Deliver Results. 

    Custom elearning design is our wheelhouse, and it’s what we are known for. Because we believe elearning shouldn’t be boring or a waste of a learner's time, we focus first and foremost on your needed outcomes. With our Savvy Start, agile development process, SAM, CCAF Instructional Design Model, and smart studios, we partner with you to create custom elearning solutions that are Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational for your learners.

    The bottom line is we want you to see real results. This requires an investment in your learners. We want them to be challenged, to take risks, and to experience consequences all within a safe, online learning environment.

    We firmly believe successful elearning courses must:

    •   Enhance the learner's motivation (desire) to learn
    •   Focus the learner on behavior-enhancing tasks
    •   Create Meaningful and Memorable learning experiences which transfer to effective job performance

    We’ve partnered with hundreds of ­organizations with varying needs—from building simulation e-learning for short order cooks to engaging scenario-based software training and everything in between.­­ We work with varying budgets and technologies, so don’t hesitate to see if we can collaborate on your elearning projects. Our broad skillset and experience might surprise you!

    A Sneak Peek of Our Work:


    Allen Interactions is an education company first; they know and understand how people learn and use technology to create remarkable cutting-edge effective elearning within a non-profit budget. They have produced award-winning programs for us—but the real “award” is that people are learning—our true goal.  

    Wende Corcoran

    Vice President, Operation Lifesaver

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