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Playbook for Organizational Change Management Success

Webinar | May 20 | 12 PM Central 

Presented by Dr. Christina Coidakis-Barss and Lisa Stortz

Following the great success of our recent webinar, Co-create Your Playbook for Remote Work Success, Allen Interactions is hosting another open forum to collect the insights, lessons learned, and cautionary tales of change management.

Together we will create a reference playbook illustrating strategies and tactics to enable skills that foster organizational resilience, trust, compassion, and empathy.


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Webinar: Now What? Smart Choices & Considerations Once Your Training is Online

Training Magazine Partner Webinar | On-Demand Recording

Presented by Ethan Edwards and Ellen-Burns Johnson

Your company is now online. You're working remotely, providing training virtually, zoom, zooming the days away and the dust has— sort of— settled. The workforce landscape is forever changed and innovation shouldn't just stop at just getting it all online or converted to digital quickly. A focus on performance should always be the focus and measure for all training and curriculum.


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Using Selective Fidelity in Immersive Learning Systems

On-Demand Recording

Presented by Dr. Dennis Folds and Michael Hruska

The future of learning is rapidly increasing the use of immersive learning technologies to create virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. How are they doing this? By using selective fidelity.


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Elements of the Learning Ecosystem Canvas

On-Demand Recording

Presented by Dr. Daniel McCoy, Michael Hruska, & Christopher Allen

We’ve built the Learning Ecosystem Canvas to help take organizational thinking and design abilities to a level that can build the robust learning ecosystems we’ve all dreamt about. These robust learning ecosystems will help companies build learning journeys with value that produce employee delight, business outcomes, and competitive advantage through data-driven people development. 

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Better Instructional Strategies

On-Demand Recording

Presented by Dr. Michael Allen and Christopher Allen

How do we design appropriate learning experiences that achieve what matters: long-term retention, actual behavioral change, and positive business impact?

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4 Strategies to Optimize Learning and Development Now

On-Demand Recording

Presented by Christina Coidakis-Barss, Michael Hruska, and Dan McCoy

How do you develop or adapt your current strategy?

Through the eyes of experienced chief learning officer and executive(s), our webinar looks at today’s disruptions of COVID-19, and expected rippling effects as we collectively work through and pass this health, economic, and social crisis.

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Your Co-Created Playbook for Remote Work Success

Virtual Roundtable | On-Demand Recording and Playbook Download

Presented by Christina Coidakis-Barss, Deborah Smith Cook, & Dan McCoy

The new world of fully remote work will be our reality for the foreseeable future. We share what we've learned from years of experience leading remote teams in crisis, helping leaders motivate and engage their remote teams, and inspiring teams to high performance. 

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Best Practices for Migrating ILT to Digital Delivery

Virtual Roundtable | On-Demand Recording & Start Up Guide Download

Presented by Ethan Edwards, Ellen Burns-Johnson, & Lisa Stortz 

The COVID-19 Virus has massively disrupted and changed the terrain of every organization. In this virtual roundtable, we discuss best practices, considerations, and challenges for migrating your ILT to digital delivery. 

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