Short learning events allow us to teach exactly the right skill or right topic on demand and at the best time for the individual.

Microlearning is a bite-sized approach to corporate training that can boost engagement and retention. The key to this approach is brevity – either with short-term learning activities or smaller learning units. The ideal microlearning segment is designed to be accessible, engaging, and easily absorbed. The key behind microlearning is to deliver short bursts of memorable content in easily understood formats, including: 

  • Brief videos
  • Short text messages
  • Descriptive images
  • Brief audio clips of music or speech
  • Simple games
  • Short quizzes

Allen Interactions leverages short microlearning events that allow us to teach exactly the right skills or topics on demand and at the best time for the individual learner. This can be ideal in the current era of short attention spans and busy schedules. Microlearning segments can be delivered online and utilized at the learner's leisure, even on a smartphone. 

Microlearning is engaging because it is similar to checking your favorite app on a smartphone during your spare time. Learners can utilize microlearning segments while waiting in line, in an office, at the drive-thru, or anywhere they have Internet access. Leveraging these small, powerful bursts of impactful content can become a significant part of your ongoing company training strategy.

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