Applied Research & Development

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Of the many government agencies, not many have their own division for R&D. This leaves a void for government contractors like Allen Interactions to offer R&D resources to agencies of state, local and federal governments, including the military. When spending tax dollars, you need to receive exceptional value and results. Allen Interactions has the seasoned experience and technological expertise to offer Applied Research and Development for a wide range of human and other resources. 

Applied research involves an original and thorough investigation aimed at a specific goal or objective. The goal may be to discover new substances that are impenetrable by projectiles or evaluate the many ways a soldier, sailor or airman will react under certain combat stresses. Development allows agencies to draw on the knowledge gained and produce new products, training, procedures, or processes to improve outcomes. 

Many avenues of this type of applied research can utilize Extended Reality (XR) which includes AR, VR, and MR technology to create virtual testing worlds that are closely aligned with real-world scenarios and environments. Allen Interactions is well-versed in developing and using these and other advanced technologies to gather data and information. We also engage in learning development, training, and human resource testing as part of our overall applied research and development protocols. 

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