Better Instructional Strategies

On-Demand Webinar

Presented by Dr. Michael Allen & Christopher Allen

We need better instructional strategies. Rather, we need instructional strategies that achieve goals that truly matter. Whether your desired outcome is learners being able to follow simple instructions or to master a complex new skill, many of us are using outdated and ineffective strategies. This isn’t working!

Using the current strategies, people are completing training and even performing well on posttests. But we aren’t seeing the positive effects when it comes to performance, which is what really matters.

Given this understanding, how do we design appropriate learning experiences that achieve what matters: long-term retention, actual behavioral change, and positive business impact?

In this webinar, we...

  • Provided visual tools to help you select the best strategy for the job
  • Shared best practices and advice about measuring what really matters
  • Discussed a radical design approach that eases design work and delivers highly adaptive, engaging, and effective instruction

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Meet Our Webinar Panelists

Dr. Michael Allen | CEO and Chairman

michael allen

Dr. Michael Allen is the founder and CEO of Allen Interactions and a pioneer of the e-learning industry. With over 45 years of professional, academic, and corporate experience in teaching, developing, and marketing interactive learning and performance support systems, Dr. Allen has led teams of doctorate-level specialists in learning research, instructional design, computer-based training, and human engineering. He developed the advanced design and development approaches used at Allen Interactions, including CCAF-Based Design and the SAM Process for iterative, collaborative development. He is a prolific writer with nine published books on designing effective e-learning solutions and is a sought-after conference speaker and recognized industry leader in the learning and training industry. Dr. Allen holds M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in educational psychology from The Ohio State University.  


Christopher Allen | Chief Strategy Officer


Christopher Allen’s primary roles focus on developing tools and technology that enable organizations to prioritize and prescribe the best treatments to achieve business outcomes. Christopher is a sought-after authoring technology, instructional design, and agile speaker and trainer with more than a decade of experience leading the development of cutting-edge digital products and services. He is passionate about creating shared vision among teams of stakeholders, sales professionals, engineering talent, quality assurance, and support.  Prior to Allen Interactions, he has held positions in sales management and as a magazine publisher. He received his master’s degree in Organizational Management from The George Washington University, is a SAM expert and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP).