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Resources for Adaptive Learning Organizations

Future Proofing Toolkit

Learning Ecosystem Canvas

The Learning Ecosystem Canvas is intended to give you and your team the ability to visualize the current state of your learning ecosystem and assist you in thinking about focus, priorities, or vectors for transformation.

Learning Ecosystem Canvas - Download

Learning Ecosystem Innovation Building Blocks

This tool will give your team the ability to ideate possible inventive ideas that can extend your learning ecosystem towards innovation. 

Learning Ecosystem Innovation Building Blocks - Download

Adaptive Learning Organization Scorecard

This scorecard should serve as a guide for understanding where you might be in your evolution as a learning enterprise. We have identified ten principles of an adaptive learning organization that you can use as a tool to help your L&D teams drive value for your business. 

Adaptive Learning Organization Scorecard - Download

Webinar: Elements of the Learning Ecosystem Canvas

In this webinar, our experts Michael Hruska, Christopher Allen, and Dr. Daniel McCoy explain how learning ecosystems help companies build learning journeys with value that produce employee delight, business outcomes, and competitive advantage through data-driven people development.

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White Paper: How Adaptive Learning Organizations Improvise and Innovate in the Face of Rapid Change

The whole of the organization, not just the leadership, needs to think differently, act differently. In responding to change, people need to alter what they do and when they do it, giving up the comfort of "how we've always done it."
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Future-Proofing Your Organization Through Learning and Development

Designing with the Learning Ecosystem Canvas

Toward Giant Steps for Learning Innovation

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