Learning Strategy Consulting 

    Learning Strategy Consulting

    Your trusted adviser. Every step of the way.

    We help organizations make small steps and huge leaps as they transform everything from individual curricula to the way learning is defined in their business. Whether you need a benchmark analysis of your current curriculum, an impact-measuring evaluation, a cross-organization needs assessment, or a better view into your coming learning needs, our consultants can guide you every step of the way. With our industry-leading design and development methodologies and broad consulting experience, we’ll quickly earn the role of your trusted advisor, helping you make the changes – small and large – that have the greatest impact on your organization.

     We can help you answer questions like:

    • Which parts of our curriculum should stay? Which should go?
    • How can we design and plan for long-term maintenance?
    • How do we become more proactive in the learning we deliver?
    • How do we update existing curriculum to suit new goals?
    • Do we have the right LMS?
    • Is our learning budget focused on the performance priorities that have the greatest impact on our business?


    Engaging eLearning Courses. 
    Modern Technology. 

    Experience new elearning examples using modern technologies and methods including:



    Game-based Learning

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