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Training Services 

    Instructional Design Training

    We love sharing our insights, research, and best practices on instructional design and learning development. We provide training services for learning professionals seeking to expand their design and development knowledge or looking to change directions with their current e-learning development models or approaches.

    Our nationally recognized visionaries and instructional design consultants share their expertise in many ways, whether it’s speaking at training conferences, delivering private workshops and webinars, or writing blog posts, white papers, and books. (Phew!) They are busy people, but they love what they do and believe in the ways we define, design, and deliver performance learning events. We share their strategies and guidance to make learning better for all.

    We have many exciting new training events and resources coming your way, so please continue to check back for those additions!

    Upcoming Workshops, Events & Webinars

    The ATD Instructional Design Workshop provided applicable examples and strong foundation principles to create more interactive, quality elearning courses.

    The high quality instructor, quantity of material that was covered, and manageable class size all allowed for open discussion and networking.

    Rachel C, ATD Workshop Attendee
    [Microlearning Kit]

    Performance-focused Microlearning Kit

    In this kit, you'll get: 

    • 60-minute On-Demand Webinar 
    • Bite-sized Guide to Microlearning (e-Book) 
    • Blogs on Microlearning Design

     Download Kit!