Elevate Your Performance Support Solutions

with Augmented Reality from Allen Interactions and BUNDLAR

As your workplace transforms, your training technology needs to adapt to support new on-site performances. Augmented reality solutions can empower employees, students, and deskless teams with the confidence to succeed. 

By combining world-class digital learning with AR-based performance support, your organization can quickly achieve the behavior change you’ve come to expect from Allen Interactions.

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The Power of Immersive Training, Right at Your Fingertips

BUNDLAR allows anybody, anywhere to create, edit, and deploy Augmented Reality (AR) experiences whenever they want, instantly, and on a global scale without having to write a single line of code.

Our “bundling” technology reinforces training solutions with AR experiences that can be accessed without the Internet once downloaded to a user’s device, ensuring instant and reliable interactions. Each bundle of experiences is also hooked into an analytics API that tracks every user interaction for a robust data set.

Discover 3 Ways Augmented Reality Can Be Implemented