Learning Services

Performance-Changing Learning Services

We provide a wide range of learning services tailored to meet your training and business goals.

Custom eLearning

Custom e-Learning

Our award-winning custom e-learning solutions are all about the learner and driven by the absolute best instructional design. Your final instructional products will be Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational experiences that solve your specific business challenges and result in a big performance punch!

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Blended Learning Solutions

Blended Learning

Depending on your organization’s needs, sometimes e-learning alone won’t cut it. We create comprehensive blended learning curriculums that combine the best of both online learning and in-person learning, enabling you to get the performance results and behavior changes you need.

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eLearning Game Design

e-Learning Games & Simulations

Our studios marry game mechanics and e-learning instructional design elements to improve employee engagement, motivation and, ultimately, performance. We believe that learning should be fun, engaging, and contagious—just like games!

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Learning Strategy

Learning Strategy Consulting

As a consulting and strategy partner, we’ll help you overhaul your training culture and implement the right learning strategy for success. Our consultancy extends from needs analysis and curriculum design to entire course templates or even a full evaluation of your current training department.


L&D Talent Staffing

We don’t just recruit. We have relationships and workshare expertise to place the right people to be an extension of your team with the knowledge of what it takes to build performance-based instruction that activates behavior change for your organization.


Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Our design and technology expertise will provide you with the right mobile strategy for your needs. Whether it’s through native apps, browser ready, or through private distributions, we’ll make sure your final mobile learning solution works exactly how and where you need it, when you need it.

Training Services

Training Services & Outreach

We’ve been sharing how we design quality learning for decades. Through our training services and outreach, we partner with ATD to facilitate e-Learning Instructional Design and SAM workshops. We also offer private training, premium and complimentary webinars on learner-focused design, and many resources.

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Rapid Elearning Development

Rapid Development

We understand that sometimes you need a quick custom e-learning solution using the technology your team is familiar with. We’re no stranger to company mandates, budget limitations, or extremely short timelines. From fully customizable courses to reusable templates, you’ll get e-learning courses that meet your learning and business goals.

A Bite-sized Guide to Microlearning

In the spirit of making “short and sweet” learning content, this e-book is organized into short sections that each provide a foundation of knowledge in the following topics:

  • Is microlearning a good fit for your organization?
  • Delivering microlearning
  • Planning a curriculum with microlearning
  • Designing good microlearning experiences

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