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    Agile eLearning Development with SAM - The Successive Approximation Model

    Agile e-Learning Development with SAM

    Our nationally recognized CEO and e-learning industry expert, Michael Allen, developed SAM—our agile-based development process that addresses how learning success comes from making repeated small steps (iterations) rather than perfectly executed giant steps. Collaboration occurs during brainstorming meetings with every member of both your team and ours having a voice. 

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    Effective elearning design model

    Performance-based e-Learning Design with CCAF 

    Michael Allen also developed our advanced instructional design model, known as CCAF-based Design, which transcends reading text, clicking buttons, and answering multiple-choice questions. Guided by four essential components (Context, Challenge, Activity, Feedback), our learning designs focus first and foremost on the learner and performance outcomes. 

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    ZebraZapps Publishing & Authoring System

    Visual Authoring with ZebraZapps

    ZebraZapps is our intuitive authoring and publishing system that allows authors to create, publish, and share powerful e-learning experiences via a professional grade visual editor. ZebraZapps provides premiere publishing options, empowers authors to create rich instructional applications, and gives users the ability to publish games and simulations for mobile. 

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    Training Services & Outreach

    Yes, we are well-known for creating custom e-learning, but we do so much more than that. Our training and outreach services include private workshops, free and premium webinars, white papers and guides, blog posts, and more. We love helping learning professionals expand and grow their instructional design and development skills.

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