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Timeless Design Never Ages - Learning From The Archives  

Timeless learning design

Want More Detail on One or Many of the Demos?


Lisa Stortz 
Lisa Stortz
Client Relationship Manager
Allen Interactions
Scott Colehour                          Scott Colehour
Solutions Architect
Allen Interactions



P.S. Problem? Solution. 

Problem: Everyone wants the latest and greatest learning out there but is change for the sake of change always the right thing to do for your training? 

Solution: Solid instructional design stands the test of time. 

At a recent conference we were reminded of how work created a decade ago is still relevant today. We dove into the archives to discuss some of the key design principles that make work meaningful years after release. 

Lisa Stortz and Scott Colehour showed some of our best learning solutions from way back when. Even though they have aged in years, these designs are still as meaningful, memorable and motivational as ever!