The Game Lab

Innovation in Game -Based Learning

What is The Game Lab?

An Innovation Center

Game-based learning is a rapidly growing part of the L&D industry. Learners crave engaging experiences, and more organizations are interested in harnessing the benefits of play for their teams.

The Game Lab is a thought leadership initiative at Allen Interactions - a focal point for exploring the intersection between instructional design and game design. We strive to share meaningful insights into game-based learning with our clients, our partners, and the L&D industry at large.

One of the key ways we're doing this is by creating games and game-based learning products. To paraphrase the Agile Manifesto, we are uncovering better ways of developing game-based learning by creating it and helping others to create it, too.

We have multiple products in development, including design kits, tabletop games, and digital games. Watch for our first product releases in late 2018!

Where can I learn more?

For updates and news about product launches, follow Allen Interactions on LinkedIn or on Twitter @customelearning. For thought leadership content from The Game Lab, check out posts with the #gaming tag on the Allen Interactions blog.




Be among the first to download the first gamification kit from The Game Lab. The kit includes a selection of the best tools and tricks to help you create learning games to engage your learners.