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Change is constant. Our expertise and experience will keep you ahead of the curve. 

Our team of PhD’s, researchers, enterprise mobile engineers, and software architects have partnered with our customers for decades to deliver world class products and services that delight. Everything we engineer is rooted in human-centered, science-based methods driven by performance  and collaboration.

Using agile approaches, coupled with the latest technology and engineering system advancements, we become an extension of your organization. This is how we bake in efficiency for quality human performance solutions that are Meaningful, Memorable, Motivational, and most importantly, result in Measurable Improvements.

Featured Services

Software Engineering Software Engineering
With our full-stack software engineering capabilities, we provide full life cycle support from requirement analysis, to design and development, to verification and validation. Read More
Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things
By 2021, 35 billion devices will be connected to the internet with an average of 4 connected devices per person. Having client products featured at CES, we can help move your product to leverage connected data and better the human experience with a wide variety of sensor types and connectivity protocols. Read More
Spatial Computing Spatial Computing Solutions
Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Spatial Web Technology are moving at the speed of light. Our design and technology implementation services give you the power to turn these innovations into solutions that create value for your organization.  Read More
Mobile App Development Mobile App Development
Mobile devices are our gateway to the world. We never leave home without them. Allen Interactions provides a full suite of mobile strategy, design, and development to create and/or evolve your mobile strategy. Read More
DevOps DevOps
Bridge the gap between development and operations. Let’s power away inefficiencies and improve the quality and reliability of your products, together. Read More
Product Design Product Design

Our experts will help design a product with a deep understanding of your challenges, requirements, and specifications, while using the latest technology and innovation.

Read More
Machine Learning / AI Machine Learning / AI
Personalization and intelligent operations drive the immersive experiences organizations strive for. We create custom solutions that allow you to predict behavior, and design an ideal user experience.  Read More
Systems Integration Systems Integration
With increasing adoption of emerging technologies, business landscapes can quickly become complex and difficult to manage. Our team can reduce that complexity and consolidate technology products and systems in a way that increases efficiency and ROI. Read More
Agile Transformation Agile Transformation

When it comes to Agile transformation, software development is just the beginning. We provide complete transformation for your organization, extending beyond product development, to create a fully Agile environment from the inside out.

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