System Engineering & Technical Advisors (SETA)

Allen Interactions employs vetted SETA government contractors to augment your present staff and provide needed skills.

The federal government frequently needs additional qualified personnel on hand to help with various technological projects. These personnel are contracted from trusted sources with a wealth of award-winning experience. Allen Interactions routinely provides System Engineering & Technical Advisors (SETA) for a host of government entities and projects, including the military. 

With recognized specialists in digital engineering and many different fields on our team, we have precise expert knowledge available when you need it. Allen Interactions employs many vetted SETA government contractors available to augment your present staff and provide the extra skills and knowledge you need. 

For example, the realities of today’s defense industry reveal a growing need for SETA assistance. The Department of Defense (DoD) already relies heavily upon trusted and reliable SETA contractors to provide specialized technical advice in a wide array of areas. It is simply not feasible for the DoD to employ so many specialists on a regular basis. Allen Interactions is proud to fill this need for the DoD and other government entities that require our assistance

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