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Successive Approximation Model

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Topics Covered by Day:

  • DAY 1 – What Is SAM? Why SAM?
  • DAY 2 – Starting learning projects the Savvy way
  • DAY 3 – More on The Savvy Start
  • DAY 4 – Setting expectations with SAM

SAM Summer Series Leader

Richard SItesVice President – Training & Marketing | Allen Interactions
Co-Author of Leaving ADDIE For SAM & Leaving ADDIE for SAM Field Guide


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As we head into the last leg of summer and gearing up for school inches closer, we want to share some helpful and quick-hit information and resources on SAM, the Successive Approximation Model.

Over the course of a week, get four short SAM Minute videos (and yes, they literally are all around one-minute give or take a few seconds!), helpful action-based SAM implementation documents, and participate in the Leaving ADDIE for SAM Linked-In Group

What you'll get:

  •  Four SAM Minute Videos
  •  Supporting SAM Implementation Documents
  •  Access to Leaving ADDIE for SAM Linked-In Group and co-author of Leaving ADDIE for SAM and SAM Field Guide, Richard Sites
  • Upcoming Webinars & Workshops on SAM

About SAM:

SAM is a different approach to the development of instructional design products that addresses the performance need through iterations, repeated small steps, rather than with perfectly executed giant steps. SAM challenges the notion of moving through a linear process (like ADDIE) from Analysis to Evaluation as an effective strategy for designing learning events intending to produce greater performance. SAM addresses the roadblocks we all face (product quality, meeting timelines and budgets, and managing SMEs). Most importantly, SAM is an agile learning development process built specifically for the creation of performance-driven learning.