AutoNation Success Story and Allen Interactions Process

White Paper: Blended Learning

AutoNation and Allen Interactions Team Up

Blended Learning Solution with Big ROI

As America's largest automotive dealer with over 20,000 Sales Associates, AutoNation found itself facing a common struggle—too much content, too many people to train, too little time for training!

AutoNation needed a more efficient and effective way to train advanced sales skills. They needed a method that was scalable, repeatable, and minimized the amount of time spent away from the sales floor. Allen Interactions provided a blended learning solution with spaced repetition that was ideal for the AutoNation team.

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The Allen Interactions Approach

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This white paper shares the Allen Interactions blended learning solution from start to finish, with measurable results. 

  • SAVVY Start 
  • Behavior Change and Key Business Metrics 
  • CCAF (Context, Challenge, Activity, Feedback) 
  • SAM (Successive Approximation Model) 
  • ROI and Measurable Results