Your Co-Created Playbook for Organizational Change Management Success

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Presented by Dr. Christina Coidakis Barss and Lisa Stortz

Before COVID-19, studies had revealed that nearly ¾ of all change initiatives fail, resulting in loss of productivity, time, money and most importantly employee morale. Now—more than ever—the call-to-action for stability in the workplace is loud and clear. This unprecedented situation is causing overlapping waves of rapid change where familiar change management processes maybe limited. We require a new perspective.

So how do we, as leaders, help our teams survive and thrive in this chaotic world? The first step is adopting fast constant change as the way business will be conducted in the new normal. And who better to know what is working well and not so well than the leaders in the trenches?

Following the great success of our recent webinar, Your Co-Created Playbook for Remote Work Success, Allen Interactions hosted another open forum to collect the insights, lessons learned, and cautionary tales of change management. Together we created a reference playbook illustrating strategies and tactics to enable skills that foster organizational resilience, trust, compassion, and empathy.

Our expert, Christina Coidakis-Barss, Ph.D, is here to help and share what she has learned from years of experience leading and teaching change management initiatives for organizations, helping leaders motivate, connect and embed change into the cultural fabric of their organizations.

In this webinar, we...

  • Discussed best practices in communication, engagement, and productivity for successful change management
  • Leaned into our attendees, because YOU are in the trenches now and have valuable knowledge to share
  • Crowdsourced a Change Management Playbook building on our collective expertise   

Meet Our Webinar Panelists

Dr. Christina Coidakis Barss | HR, Learning, and Organizational Change Expert


Dr. Coidakis-Barss is an experienced executive, coach, professor, and researcher. Her sweet spot is building systems that support, engage and inspire cultures with measurable and sustained results. As a change management expert, she’s lead initiatives empowering employees to understand and adopt shifts in their current environment. Barss’s research studies have focused on how to standardize safety, quality and service in diverse teams. Her findings yielded insights how goals, location, communication and relationships impact team efficacy.  


Lisa Stortz | Senior Solutions Architect 


Lisa is an experienced and passionate solutions architect. She has the gift of building strong and lasting client relationships with measurable learning and business performance outcomes. Her areas of expertise include: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Management, Leadership, Marketing, and Strategic Planning.