Unlimited Learning Potential with Limited Budgets and Schedules

Presented by Steve Lee

On-Demand Webinar


As the current year is coming to a close, many companies are trying to complete their 2020 initiatives. There is a lot of focus on converting and updating the Flash courseware that will no longer be available next year. 

Do you believe that Allen Interactions focuses only on creating those award-winning, best-in-class simulations and serious games that you hear so much about? Well, we do so much more! 

Allen Interactions has custom created technologies and workflows that allow us to partner with companies to create high quality, successful learning solutions, even for those with limited budgets and schedules! We are here to assist you and offer solutions that span your every training need; from consulting, tool customization, and training, to staff augmentation, and partnering to get your training initiatives done and out the door on time, and on budget.

In this webinar, we...

  • Evaluated potential roadblocks and how to surpass them to achieve goals 
  • Provided examples of potential learning solutions that fit a wide range of needs 
  • Introduced custom technologies that allow for high quality, successful learning solutions (even on a budget and schedule!) 

Meet Our Webinar Panelist

Steve Lee | Chief Delivery Officer

Steve Lee Rounded Headshot

Steve Lee co-founded Allen Interactions with Dr. Michael Allen in 1993. With 25+ years of industry experience, Lee brings incredible talent and skills to the team. Change management, adaptive learning, and strong leadership skills lead to his track record of solving problems and leading people. 

Steve Lee is highly skilled in the incubation and development of internal Learning & Development teams. A co-developer of SAM, Allen Interactions’ Agile development process, Lee drives shared visions for success by putting in place structured workflows and efficient communication paths between L&D departments and legal, technical, executive, and other stakeholders. Steve holds advanced Computer Science degrees from Baylor University, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Modeling.