Trick or Treat: The Scary Realities of Compliance-Driven e-Learning

Presented by Lisa Stortz and Scott Colehour

On-Demand Webinar

Are your learners turning into ZOMBIES with Compliance e-learning driven by content, content...and more content?! In this webinar, Lisa Stortz and Scott Colehour reveal the scary realities of content-driven Compliance e-learning by sharing dozens of bite-sized examples. 

We don't want to leave you terrified, so we also provide tricks and treats to liven up your learners and e-learning designs!

In this webinar, you will...

Experience the difference that giving  your learners king-sized solutions of bite sized experiences on compliance topics like: 

  • Whatchamacallit - Sanctions and Regulations 
  • Avoid insider trading by the 3 Musketeers 
  • Data privacy training is a Lifesaver 
  • Keep confidentiality in place to avoid a sour patch 
  • Avoid money laundering $100,000 bars and chocolate coins 
  • Teach anti-bribery techniques to keep the Jolly Rancher at bay 
  • Throw in some M&M's to keep your e-learning Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational

Meet Our Webinar Panelists

Lisa Stortz | Senior Solutions Architect



Lisa is an experienced and passionate solutions architect. She has the gift of building strong and lasting client relationships with measurable learning and business performance outcomes. Her areas of expertise include: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Management, Leadership, Marketing, and Strategic Planning. 


Scott Colehour | Senior Solutions Architect & Co-Founder



Scott has been in the e-Learning design and development industry for more than 30 years. He is co-founder and solutions architect for Allen Interactions. He has participated in the design of over 500 e-learning initiatives. His vast knowledge of instructional interactive design methodologies are rooted in the philosophies or performance and practice-based learning.