Cracking the e-Learning Authoring Challenge

Building CCAF Interactivity in Storyline

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On-Demand | 45 Minute Master Class 

If you’ve ever struggled to build a creative e-learning design in mainstream authoring tools, you’re not alone! The pieces don’t seem to add up. But It CAN be done and we are here to tell and show you how–in Storyline to boot!

Following the interest of the 4 Pillars to Transformative e-Learning digital learning series, Ethan Edwards takes a hands-on approach to recreating a client example shown in the webinar series that was not originally built in Storyline BUT was rebuilt for CCAF Interactivity in Storyline! 

In this free master class, Ethan applies interactive e-learning design to re-build parts of an engaging and realistic simulation of an award-winning e-learning course. He demonstrates how to use Storyline to effectively build Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational e-learning that will close skills gaps by focusing on contexts and application of critical knowledge.

Watch now to bridge the gap between understanding performance-driven  e-learning design and being able to build robust CCAF e-learning interactions in Storyline.

In this master class, you will...

  • Apply your understanding of e-learning design to build effective CCAF interactions
  • Observe the methods for designing engaging Contexts, motivated Challenges, appropriate Activities, and instructional Feedback with interactive design
  • Explore the creation of an award-winning e-learning solution in Storyline

Meet the Instructor

Ethan Edwards | Chief Instructional Strategist

Ethan round


Ethan Edwards draws from more than 30 years of industry experience as an e-learning instructional designer and developer. He is responsible for the delivery of the internal and external training and communications that reflect Allen Interactions’ unique perspective on creating Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational learning solutions backed by the best instructional design and latest technologies.