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Tracking in Real-Time

TrackNet desired to leverage LoRa wireless solutions to assist in smart home automation in order to release a suite of products that included air quality, smoke detection, motion, temperature, and asset location sensors. 

Sensors were connected via LoRa to a gateway for home security, asset tracking, and overall home health. Sensors are deployed in-home and object locators put smart tags on items, such as a painting. If that painting was ever moved, a smart tag notification would be sent and the home owner would be alerted immediately.  The home owner is able to create rules for objects, such as alerts if something is moved, or is not in a certain location at a certain time. If a smart rule is created for the family dog, the home owner will be alerted if the dog exists the geo-sense location. The smart rules are constantly monitored to keep the home and family safe and at peace. 


Interacting with the TrackNet LORAWAN Messaging system, we engineered a large-scale processing architecture to read and write messages, using an enterprise ASP.Net MVC application. The central web application, paired with numerous message parsing applications, allowed TrackNet IoT devices to check-in or update status and have the system receive, record, and alert users based on the information. Push notifications and alerts, managed by our central system, were pushed to the associated mobile devices in a real-time environment.

Solution Highlights

  • Launched at CES
  • Led to acquisition by SemTech
  • 1+ Mile radius coverage
  • Meshable gateways
  • Bi-directional communication, mobility & location services,
  • Push notifications
  • Geo-fencing
INDUSTRY/VERTICAL CPG/ Consumer Electronics   
TARGET AUDIENCE Residential Homeowners   
DELIVERY DEVICE Desktop/Laptop, Mobile, Tablet  

IoT, .NET MVC, WebAPI, iOS and Android mobile applications, Xamarin, Azure, Amazon AWS, Amazon SQS, Rediscaching, .NET Console apps, VMs, LoRa, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS


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