Upgrading Skills and Knowledge

Texas A&M University

Upgrading and Modernizing Virtual Learning

New Features and Content

Texas A&M University (TAMU) opened in 1876 as the state's first public institution of higher learning. Today, they stand as a research-intensive University dedicated to challenging and educating students. 

TAMU had developed two different virtual learning tools that were outdated and needed an upgrade and modernization. 


New collaborative features and content were developed and added to the legacy platforms to pilot a new MOOC course, in addition to a new version of the tool being built on a new platform. 

The system was rebuilt from the ground up to remove reliance on Flash so that the courses can be delivered on a variety of devices. Our team focused on performance issues due to the increasing user base removing any scaling issues. 

Solution Highlights

  • Pilot group testing led to successful feedback regarding productivity and retention of materials 
  • All performance issues have been corrected
  • The new system supports hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of students without reliance on Flash and the ability to use district-provided hardware resources
  • Additional courses are planned to be developed
LEARNING SOLUTION Blended Learning; Social/Collaborative Learning; Competency & Skill Development  
CONTENT AREA Virtual Learning   
TARGET AUDIENCE Young learners and education programs   
DELIVERY DEVICE Desktop/Laptop, Mobile, Tablet  

Ruby on Rails, C#, .NET MVC, AWS, SQL Server, HTML5, Speech API, Custom Reporting and Onboarding tools


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