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Mental Health Education

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness through advocacy, education, and public leadership.

NAMI had a decade long, in-person course taught by a parent who raised a child with mental health challenges. This created connections between those attending, as well as, with the presenter. It created a safe space to learn best practices for raising children with mental health symptoms and eliminate the stigma, shame, and hardship.

The issue was, the in-person course required a lot of weekend time that parents/guardians of children with mental health challenges want to attend, but can't. NAMI needed to create and host a flexible e-learning course that incorporated the shared experiences, connection, empathy, and information for parents and guardians to be successful.


After collecting data following launch, the results showed promise. The course capacity in 2020 has exceeded the previous two years’ 3,000 participants by 10 times that amount and the number grows daily.

The more recent surge of numbers is said to be due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Many testimonials included comments on:
  • Flexibility
  • Great education material
  • Hopefulness
  • Genuineness

Positive feedback has specifically indicated the importance of the at-home format.

NAMI Basics - demo video



NAMI Wins 4 Brandon Hall Awards!

These are pretty prestigious awards and we are thrilled for NAMI's recognition and success that will help so many caregivers and families!

Website - Image - NAMI - Brandon Hall Awards (2)

Solution Highlights

In NAMI's Basics OnDemand e-learning course, we maintained the goals we set from the beginning (pre-COVID-19):

  • Maintain the integrity of the content and structure, using the same lead instructor to include their expert information
  • Allow for participants to choose what they’re tuning in to because not all of the information fits exactly with each parent/guardian’s needs
  • Ensure participants to connect and share the way they would in person and have a genuine connection.
  • Record multiple videos that included the original lead instructor offering her expertise across six sessions; close to 100 videos were produced. 
  • Build a monitored, walled environment that allows for asynchronous social collaboration with the use of social networking groups and other connection tools. Participants are prompted to enter a story through a series of questions and then are able to post their story, read, and respond to others’ -- sharing as they are comfortable, maintaining the same atmosphere as the in-person experience.


NAMI Mental Health eLearning Course Testimonial
LEARNING SOLUTION Blended Learning; Social/Collaborative Learning; Competency & Skill Development  
INDUSTRY/VERTICAL Non-profit/Mental Health  
CONTENT AREA Mental Health Education for Caregivers  
TARGET AUDIENCE Caregivers (parents/guardians) of those with mental health challenges  
DELIVERY DEVICE Desktop/Laptop, Mobile, Tablet  

HTML5 Framework (Ar5)


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