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Penn Foster Education Group, Inc. is an organization dedicated to developing and acquiring industry leading technologies, tools and resources to support alternative pathways for opportunity youth and adult learners. Focused on enabling education tied to workplace competencies and learner needs, Penn Foster Education Group is at the forefront of design and development of learning platforms and educational content. Penn Foster Education Group is a corporate affiliate of Penn Foster, Inc. which operates three schools – Penn Foster High School, Penn Foster Career School, and Penn Foster College. Learn more at

Mobile Learning Need

To develop a new learning module, Penn Foster Education Group first looked at its largest programs, and realized that medical terminology had the greatest need for vocabulary memorization. The goal for this app is to engage students with the content and motivate them through interactive learning. The mobile app was specifically designed to help students learn the terminology inside-out, which in turn helps students build confidence, knowledge, and credibility in their careers. Penn Foster Education Group created two versions of the app, one for Allied Health programs and the other for the Veterinary Technology Associate's Degree program.

Mobile Learning Solution

Penn Foster Education Group partnered with Allen Interactions to create its award-winning mobile learning app which provides a wide range of engaging interactive memory games, using responsive design and an open and easily modifiable database for an unlimited amount of content. The learning content includes the spelling, pronunciation, identification, and other meaningful factors associated with medical terminology for students in the vet tech program. Mobile Memory Games was delivered through a SCORM Compliant LMS via a mobile browser, but caches content based on filter selections so students can continue to play, even without a mobile or wireless connection once the game has started. Penn Foster is currently adding memory game learning to their business and automotive programs.

“By incorporating fun, engaging content into the Penn Foster online learning experience offered by schools like Penn Foster, we believe our students will be better able to retain the information, not only for their exams, but to apply in the workforce and entirety of their careers as medical professionals." 
—Dara Warn, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Penn Foster Education Group

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