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Thank you for accepting my connection request on LinkedIN.  I am firm believer in networking and that there will be a time when I can help you and a time you can help me.  Let’s focus on the me helping you as we are new to each other. 

In my connection invitation, I mentioned one of the benefits of connecting is our company provides many free resources that may be helpful to your internal L&D team(s).

This page is intended to start that process by allowing you to:

1. download a whitepaper on instructional design principles aimed at helping you develop more engaging online solutions that are more motivational, meaningful, and memorable to your learners.

Download Using Instructional Interactivity PDF

2. get a free copy of Michael Allen’s Guide to eLearning – one caveat to this one – lets have a short intro call (10 min) and then I’ll send you the book.  Just email if interested –

3. view some of our past webinars on topics such as gamification, microlearning, call center training, instructional design

Download Get In The Game PDF

ENJOY and if you have further needs – see how we can help below

If you have internal teams and do all your work internally – we can help further with:

  • upskilling your team via the Allen Academy
  • provide you tools and processes to increase efficiency.  Create more, quicker,  while also increasing the quality and results of your learning solutions.

If you do any outsourcing, we’d love a chance to become one of your solution partners by:

  • providing individual contract resources, or
  • teams for project work, or
  • off-the-shelf content in the areas of security and compliance (e.g. harassment)

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