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    About Mary Kay®

    Mary Kay Ash, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, started her business from a tiny store in Dallas, Texas with five products and one big dream. That dream was to inspire women to transform their lives, and in doing so, help other women achieve success. Today, with 3.5 million Independent Beauty Consultants, Mary Kay offers more than 200 premium products in more than 35 countries around the world. Learn more at: marykay.com.

    The Challenge

    Mary Kay wanted to change the way they were teaching, so Allen Interactions teamed up with Mary Kay to construct an LMS that would track learners, step-by-step, through the process of starting their new micro-business. The elearning course contains a set of microlearning modules made up of individual lessons, that included interactive conversations, business plan construction, product demonstrations, script-building exercises, checklists, and video stories.  Each module, along with its lessons, reflected the well-established steps of building a successful micro-business.


    The trends of adult learning point toward the desire for more empowerment, more freedom, more flexibility, and more access to information when – and where – people want and need it. Additionally, adults are looking for untraditional learning experiences and technology is facilitating this as never before. Coupled with innovations in core business strategies within Mary Kay Inc., we had the perfect moment to create a seamless experience for the independent sales force.

    Kathryn Hunt-Siwald

    Manager, Sales Education Materials and Strategic Education

    The Solution

    The Mary Kay Beauty Consultant Onboarding course provides everything a new Beauty
    Consultant needs to start with and be successful with their new business. This solution includes a graphical learning portal (LMS) that provides direct access to only the items the particular learner needs in a pleasing, easy-to-use visual interface that includes completion and progress tracking. The microlearning bursts are all built by integrating the content (which is stored in a collaborative Google Doc for rapid creation and changes) into learning objects that are built with standard HTML5 constructs allowing them to either be hosted on a website or an LMS with either a SCORM or AICC wrapper. 

    The reusable learning objects range in levels of interactivity from zero for pure informational delivery to three with dynamic role plays and complex procedures.  These learning objects are now being used by Mary Kay to create new courses for other audiences.

    With the use of HTML5 and responsive design, all of the Mary Kay courses work well on nearly all devices including mobile.


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