6 Rules to Designing eLearning for Maximum Motivation

Ethan shares six straightforward and effective design strategies to create learner motivation in elearning.


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Ethan Edwards
Chief Instructional Strategist

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About the E-Book:

Learner motivation is a critical success factor in designing elearning that makes a difference.

In an individualized learning setting, like asynchronous web-based training programs, active learner engagement is necessary for learning to occur.So while it is important for the instructional designer to get the content “right,” it is even more vital (and usually more challenging) to design interactivity to draw in the learner to commit to the authentic behavior needed for learning to occur.

This e-book presents six straightforward and effective design strategies to create learner motivation in e-learning.

  •  Say Less
  • Make the Interactions More Challenging

  • Delay Judgment

  • Design Content-Rich Intrinsic Feedback

  • Create Levels of Difficulty

  • Give More Control to Learners

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