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Using Instructional Interactivity to Improve eLearning Designs!

Learn the principles of instructional interactivity, the foundation for our elearning designs!

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In this e-book, Ethan Edwards covers the concept of instructional interactivity, and demonstrates how it can transform the learning experience for learners working independently through an elearning program. Gain understanding of the four essential components of instructional interactivity, CCAF, which include: Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback.

In this e-book, learn: 

  • the value of true instructional interactivity for creating engaging, effective elearning 
  • the four essential design components of instructional interactivity which include: Context, Challenge, Activity, Feedback
  • to design engaging contexts, motivating challenges, appropriate activities, and instructional feedback into interactive design 
  • the critical elements of any authoring tool used to create instructional interactivity