Fractional Chief Learning Officer Services

Your Trusted Advisor for Learning & Workplace Excellence

    What is a Fractional Chief Learning Officer?

    A Fractional Chief Learning Officer or CLO fills this executive learning role concurrently at several organizations. They could also be considered an "Interim" and are often chosen due to an organizational change or transition period and to temporarily lead in LD/HD strategies and initiatives related to talent, learning and business strategy. 

    Why choose a Fractional CLO?

    The benefit of a Fractional CLO is their deep experience, often having served in this role in a variety of organizations. They have strong expertise and are comfortable leading and serving in that trusted advisor role to resolve challenges, create solutions quickly, and build a positive culture of talent. 

    Fractional CLOs provided by Allen Interactions

    Fractional CLOs from Allen Interactions are very seasoned practitioners that bring together the best in learning ecosystem strategy, instructional integrity, and internal capacity building.

    Acting as both a mentor and advisor, your organization will immediately gain the pragmatic wisdom and seasoned experience our CLOs have from leading and solving challenges quickly to move the needle. Regardless of how much embedded help you need, we can immediately provide a Fractional CLO for 24 to 40+ hours a month.

    How can your organization benefit from our Fractional CLO Services?

    Our Fractional Chief Learning Officers:

    • Serve your organization as a "Trusted Advisor" 

    • Mentor and train L&D/HR teams in processes and tools used to create impactful learning experiences

    • Identify gaps in technology, people, and talent to support superior performance

    • Develop a talent plan to support the achievement of your business strategy

    • Provide a performance-based learning strategy 

    • Focus on financial budgeting and modeling

    • Give expert advice on everything from modality of choice, learning development, market trends, and latest techniques


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    We believe success is getting people to do and say the right things at the right time. No one survives and thrives without learning, adapting, and performing. 

    We get it. For hundreds of corporations over decades, we’ve produced successful, meaningful, memorable, motivational learning solutions and services. We're here to help your organization pivot, grow and thrive with a team of the best and brightest Chief Learning Officers.

    - Dr. Michael Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions