Effective Learning Game Design



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Three Essential Design Elements for Creating Engaging ELearning Games 

In this elearning gamification e-book, Ethan Edwards dives into three essential and accessible principles at the root of effective learning game design.

He covers these three essential design elements and examines them in the context of six actual case New Game Design ebook 3d cover-gms.pngstudies in use by major corporations. The examples range from the simple to complex, including several being delivered via mobile devices, and should be of interest to instructional designers of all levels of experience.

Get your game on in this fast-paced overview of essential elements when it comes to effective elearning gamification!

In this e-book:

  • Explore three essential design elements including risk, meaningful actions, and a compelling framework
  • Examine the three design elements in the context of six actual case studies in use by major corporations


There are, of course, many design aspects that contribute to engagement, but three seem absolutely essential: risk, meaningful actions, and a compelling framework.

Ethan Edwards

Chief Instructional Strategist, Allen Interactions