[On-Demand Webinar] e-Learning Lessons From the Holiday Cookie Exchange 

Access the on-demand webinar and learn valuable lessons from holiday cookies to apply to your e-learning for lasting performance change! 

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Ethan Edwards
Chief Instructional Strategist  
Allen Interactions

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2016 Annual Holiday Webinar [On-Demand]   

One of the most universal December rituals is the Holiday Cookie Party— a time to share our favorite cookies and treats with our friends and colleagues. Even though these creations are always prepared with love, some selections are more successful than others in creating the perfect taste experience. The same thing can be said about e-learning. We as Instructional Designers always hope for the best, but things don’t always turn out as planned.

Chief Instructional Strategist and baker Ethan Edwards returns with our annual holiday webcast to delight and instruct both naughty and nice e-learning designers across the land. Join him as he samples from our buffet of cookies and draws inspiration to devise e-learning recipes that are sure to make a difference and create lasting performance change.

Illustrated through 7 holiday cookies, get an abundance of achievable and effective advice to apply directly to your e-learning instructional design.

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