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Beauty Consultant Onboarding

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is one of the largest direct-sellers of beauty products in the world. 



Incoming Beauty Consultants need to learn a lot to manage their new business, and Mary Kay wanted to revolutionize the way they were teaching them. 


A new form of interaction and technological advancement was needed to deliver a modern and flexible training experience to new Beauty Consultants while making sure they were progressing through the well-tested steps of building a successful Mary Kay business. But it couldn’t feel like training!


We built a backend Learning Management System (LMS) to guide and track learners through the business-building process, meeting learners on the front-end with a tailored-for-them curriculum accessed independently though their portal login.  

Microlearning experiences, delivered by computer, tablet, or phone provided flexibility, and a fun, beautiful, and light-hearted style matched the expectations of Beauty Consultants for learning at Mary Kay.  

Through a carefully managed arc of product demonstrations, guided business planning exercises, practice conversations, and video storytelling, the new onboarding experience ensured newcomers were empowered with the wisdom and tools to succeed.




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MK University | Beauty Consultant Onboarding


Health and Beauty Retail

Practice Area

Sales, Onboarding

Target Audience 

Independent sales force


2016 Omni Award: Business Category, Gold  

2016 Davey Award: Mobile Apps/Sites-Education, Silver  

Training magazine 2016 Learning Design Challenge, Microlearning Category: Bronze