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Generational Learning Design
Service & Sales Case Study 

Bridgeworks Gen Clash

    About BridgeWorks

    BridgeWorks is made up of a team of trusted authorities on the generations at work. The entire multi-generational team consists of widely sought-after speakers, commentators, consultants, researchers, and trainers. For information on pricing, demonstrations, and how GenClash can work in your organization contact BridgeWorks.

    Learning Challenge

    This generational learning design, delivered as an e-learning course, was created to provide BridgeWorks the ability to scale their message on generations at work to a wider audience. BridgeWorks' core belief is that an awareness of generational differences in the workplace is part of the solution to communication barriers and sales roadblocks.

    • GENERATIONS don’t just think differently, they buy differently.
    • TRADITIONALISTS, BABY BOOMERS, GENERATION X, AND MILLENNIALS – each generation wants sales and service on its own terms.
    • GENCLASH, the award-winning e-learning course created for BridgeWorks, shows organizations how their sales and service people can adapt their approach and style to reach four distinctly different generations.
    • PROFESSIONALS who understand the generations close more deals, enhance customer service, and increase customer loyalty.

    Learning Solution

    The GenClash e-learning course is designed to help employees in organizations who work in customer service and sales engage and connect with customers of every generation. In addition to exploring the four generations and the formative influences that have shaped who these individuals are today, this course arms learners to distinguish between “the right question” to ask versus the wrong one in order to effectively uncover the needs of each generation.

    After completing GenClash, participants are able to:

    • identify the sales hot buttons for Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials
    • adapt each sales step - from introduction to follow-up - for each generation of customer
    • position products or services to resonate with each distinct generation
    • uncover objections particular to each generation
    • avoid costly mistakes that result in lost sales



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