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Angel Green and Richard Sites shared answers to popular
e-learning design questions in this 45-minute on-demand webinar!


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  • Do you have some burning questions about a stumbling block you hit on recent e-learning design project?
  • Are you curious or possibly confused about some of the latest learning trends such as game mechanics and how to harness them for your initiatives?
  • Have you heard about, or are beginning to use, SAM as your development process and need some guidance?

Look no further!

In this 45-minute free webinar, Angel Green, senior instructional strategist at Allen Interactions and Richard Sites, VP – training and marketing, Allen Interactions, answered common questions to help provide attendees real answers to the real challenges we all face in designing and delivering effective learning solutions.

Angel Green - senior instructional strategist

Angel Green
senior instructional strategist
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Richard Sites, vice president - training and marketing


Richard Sites
vice president - training and marketing
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