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5 Writing Tips to Grab Your Learners' Attention and Keep it!

In this free e-book, learn how to enhance the power of onscreen text with five practical writing tips to grab your learners' attention.

5 Writing Tips to Grab Learners Attention eBook Download

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Hannah Hunter
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The Problem: 

Eye-tracking studies by the Nielsen Norman Group have
demonstrated that online users, on average, read only about
28% of the words onscreen at any given time. 

So, what can we as writers and instructional designers do to make those 28
out of 100 words count? Or, better yet, entice our learners to
read even more?

The Solution: 

On-screen text can be a powerful tool to motivate, inspire,
entertain, and educate. Instructional designers can use many
tools to help make onscreen text Meaningful, Memorable, and

This e-book, perfect for all instructional designers, outlines 5 practical writing tips that can be used to grab learner attention and keep it!

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