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[E-Book Download] 10 Ways to Ruin Your e-Learning

In this e-book, Ethan Edwards illuminates 10 common design practices that, if followed,
are a SURE way to RUIN your e-learning designs! Fill out the form and get access now!

Allen Interactions | 10 Ways to Ruin Your e-Learning

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Learn the 10 Ways to RUIN Your E-Learning

In many professional areas, it is usually a good strategy to look to common practices in the field as a guide — maybe not for the most cutting-edge ideas but at least for reliable models to follow. Unfortunately, in e-learning this can often be a recipe for disaster.
Join Ethan Edwards, chief instructional strategist, on a journey of uncovering the 10 very common design practices, that, IF followed, are a SURE way to RUIN your e-learning.

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