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10 Practical Principles for Creating Impactful eLearning

In this free kit, get access to the webinar, infographic and ebook for 10 Practical Principles for Creating Impactful eLearning! 


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Ethan Edwards
Chief Insructional Strategist

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In this kit, get access to: 

The eBook:

Instructional designers of elearning face a constant challenge of how to create learning experiences that actually make a difference. Too many of the accepted and easy approaches result in e-learning courses that fail to motivate, engage, or empower learners. Sophisticated simulations and technically-sophisticated designs seem out of reach for many instructional designers.

updated_3d_ebook_cover_10_practical_principles-2.pngIn this ebook, learn: 

  • 10 practical principles that should be implemented at any level of complexity to create training experiences that are transforming and memorable.
  • Actionable tips to implement these principles into your elearning designs.  


The On-Demand Webinar: 

In this 1-hour webinar, Ethan will share 10 straightforward and powerful principles to guide effective elearning design.

The principles focus on:

  • Feedback
  • Learner actions
  • Usefulness of templates,
  • Motivation
  • Risk
  • Content

Appropriate for any content and applicable to any authoring tool, these principles will empower designers to make concrete design changes that will improve the impact of their elearning courses.

The Infographic:

Perfect to hang at your desk and share with your peers, this exclusive infographic highlights the 10 Principles for Creating Impactful elearning in an easy to read and visually appealing format!