ZebraZapps Authoring Tool

    Visual Authoring & Publishing

    ZebraZapps is our latest breakthrough in elearning. This subscription-based online authoring and publishing system empowers authors to collaborate, create, publish, and share powerful learning experiences via a professional grade visual editor. ZebraZapps provides premiere publishing options and empowers authors to create engaging instructional applications ranging from simple presentations to complex, serious learning games that can be published in the iTunes, Google, and Amazon app stores.


    Visually Create Interactivity

    The most unique differentiator of ZebraZapps is the ability to create complex interactions through the use of a professional grade visual editor that allows authors to engage learners, grab their attention, and keep them involved. Don't be held captive by anything more than your imagination. Create your own interactions, exactly as you want them.  

    Brainstorm & Sketch

    In ZebraZapps, sketches are full-functioning objects and instantly interactive! Sketch your learning events and bring them to life with ZebraZapps’ amazing power of object replacement. Drop finished media onto your sketch or prototype and watch as all logic is maintained. Test your creative designs with little effort and expense. You’ll be astonished by ZebraZapps' capabilities from prototype to delivering the finished e-learning course!

    The Best Mobile Publishing

    Authors can create their sophisticated elearning courses once and then publish them as real apps for each of their desired delivery platforms (desktop, iOS, or Android). By creating mobile apps instead of browser-based solutions, performance, and accessibility are maximized while, at the same time, a continuous Internet connection is NOT required to play and track learner performance via xAPI (formally known as the Tin Can API). 

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