White Papers & Kits, Oh my!

What are Kits? Kits include a 60-minute on-demand webinar, webinar slides, and a white paper.

White Paper: 5 Criticial Design Activities for Creating Impactful e-Learning 

In this white paper, Ethan Edwards provides five critical design activities to create impactful e-learning for learners. This paper is Part II in a Series covering the five elements of ADDIE with this one focusing on Design (Part I is the 5 Most Important Analysis Questions You'll Ever Ask.) Download the White Paper ▶


Kit: Creating e-Learning That Makes a Difference

CCAF2In this kit, Ethan Edwards, chief instructional strategist, covers the concept of instructional interactivity, and demonstrates how it can transform the learning experience for learners working independently through an e-learning program. Get specific real-world examples that give meaning to the four essential components of instructional interactivity, CCAF. Download the Kit ▶

Kit: Designing e-Learning for Maximum Motivation

MotivationIn this kit, Ethan Edwards, chief instructional strategist, explores the importance of motivation in the design framework for e-learning and presents six rules for creating maximally motivating e-learning, which are illustrated through several successful corporate e-learning courses. He addresses content scope, judgment, leveling, content placement, and user control. Download the Kit ▶

Kit: The 5 Most Important Analysis Questions You'll Ever Ask

AnalysisEthan Edwards, chief instructional strategist, discusses five key questions to ask during instructional analysis, the answers to which are necessary to create interactivity that results in performance change. Get concrete processes that will directly impact the relevance and effectiveness of any e-learning you build. Download the Kit ▶


Kit: Get in the Game - Integrating Essential Game Elements into e-Learning Instructional Design

GamingInstructional designers frequently seek to incorporate the appeal of computer gaming into instructional designs for e-learning programs. The focus should not be so much on creating the appearance of a “game,” but rather understanding the factors that create such focused attention in games and seek to achieve some level of that in e-learning designs. Download the Kit ▶

Kit: 10 Ways To Ruin Your e-Learning by Following Commonly-Held Practices

10WaysUpdatedIn many professional areas, it is usually a good strategy to look to common practices in the field as a guide — maybe not for the most cutting-edge ideas but at least for reliable models to follow. Unfortunately, in e-learning this can often be a recipe for disaster.  Download this guide for ten very common design practices, that, if followed, are a sure way to ruin your e-learning. Download the Kit ▶

Kit: 7 Steps to Improved e-Learning Challenges

This e-book provides seven small steps to improved interactions while recognizing that capabilities with authoring software might be quite limited.  If you begin applying these steps while you are designing questions, you will quickly open up a world of much more powerful design possibilities. Download the Kit ▶


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“It’s been frustrating the last few years as a course developer. Every out-of-the-box tool has limitations in terms of interactivity. Now with ZebraZapps all I have to do is apply a little bit of logic and my interactions are complex and meaningful! This tool is truly a revolution. No other e-learning development tool on the market can do what ZebraZapps can. I’m a believer!”

Lisa Pastoor, Instructional Designer, Barco, Inc.