The Authoring & Publishing System for Serious Authors

ZebraZapps is our authoring and publishing system. It empowers authors to collaborate, create, publish, and share powerful learning experiences―all via a professional grade, visual editor. 

The Man Behind the Multimedia

Michael W. Allen, our CEO, has been a pioneer in the e-learning industry since 1975. He was the innovative force behind one of the most successful authoring tools ever created―Authorware―and now ZebraZapps. He's widely known for his more than 40 years of insights and presentations about instructional design and is the author of 8 books on creating effective e-learning.

Visual Authoring Sets ZebraZapps Apart

The most unique differentiator of ZebraZapps is the ability to create complex interactions through the use of a professional grade, visual editor. Each object on the screen, whether you can see it or hear it, has a message where all the object's properties and actions live. Actions are things that the object can do, or things that can happen to that object. As an author, you create interactivity between objects through the use of a wire, which "talks" to other objects, the entire application, or a LMS.

ZebraZapps provides serious designers and developers an authoring system to build the best learning experiences such as simulations and serious games. You have to see it to believe it!

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“It’s been frustrating the last few years as a course developer. Every out-of-the-box tool has limitations in terms of interactivity. Now with ZebraZapps all I have to do is apply a little bit of logic and my interactions are complex and meaningful! This tool is truly a revolution. No other e-learning development tool on the market can do what ZebraZapps can. I’m a believer!”

Lisa Pastoor, Instructional Designer, Barco, Inc.